Triple Edge Customs Brokerage is owned and operated by Marlyn T. Dela Cruz. Founded in October 2006, we specialize in the processing of imports and exports of both sea and air shipments.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of services needed by a client from the processing of import permit from government agencies to the releasing of their shipment from the Bureau of Customs to the transportation of the same goods to the clients doorstep. Likewise, we provide services for the complete processing of exports from the
Exporters warehouse to the Port of Destination. Services include the following:

* Permits, Licenses, Clearances from Government Offices
* Customs Processing for Import and Export
* Trucking services
* Warehousing Services
* Stuffing & Stripping Services



Permits, Licenses, Clearances from Government Offices

We provide excellent service you require to ensure timely processing of paperwork to obtain all necessary licenses, clearances and permits in a swift and efficient manner.

Customs Processing for Import and Export

Our extensive domain expertise assist us in offering custom clearance service for import and export. We help the clients in documentation and other procedures that to be fulfilled prior to import and export. We put efforts to clear the shipments within the desired schedule time frame.

Trucking services

We offer shipping and trucking services. By utilizing our network of nationally accredited partners, we provide affordable and reliable trucking for local or nationwide destinations. Whether you are shipping a small amount of freight or a trailer load, our courteous and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing is a perfect solution for companies looking for a customized distribution program in a dedicated facility strategically positioned for optimal service. Warehousing offer flexible space at a variable cost which can expand or contract based on your exact business needs.

Stuffing & Stripping Services

Proper stuffing and stripping are essential for protecting your goods during shipment. We have trained employees to place your goods securely into a container whether loose, unwrapped, wrapped, palletized or crated as well as removing your goods from a container and preparing them for storage or transshipment.

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At Triple Edge Customs Brokerage, we believe that relationships build business! Founded on this principle, our experience has allowed Triple Edge Customs Brokerage to become one of the leading brokerage companies in Metro Manila with an impeccable record of success in customer service. Delivering your cargo per your indications and expectations is our entire focus and priority.

Your Triple Edge Customs Brokerage Advantage

1.) An unmatched level of personal service

Triple Edge Customs Brokers is family-owned and operated. Our staff is knowledgeable in the classification and importing/ exporting requirements of many different types of products. We specialize in providing service to those with little or no importing experience, and are highly capable in helping along the learning process.

So, the work done for you! Our personalized services include pick-up of documents. Truckers can pick up delivery instructions at our office or we can deliver the pick-up order by messenger. We consistently call on terminals to obtain release, and keep all parties involved and advised of when delivery is likely to take place. Our job is not done until products have been delivered.

2.) Peace-of-mind with every delivery

Our fully automated processes allow for error-free entry presentation. Each client is given a separate computer profile, which includes delivery history, carrier preference, and custom duty classifications. Use of this automated system helps to guarantee accuracy, and minimize the shipment delays often associated with human error.

3.) Centralization of all your importing needs

Philippine Customs has certified our Customs Brokerage to process entries nationwide at any Customs port of unloading. Acting as liaisons with the Philippine Government as Customs Brokers, we can prepare and process the paperwork required by Philippine Customs.




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